Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Company Incorporation

Lebanon has a competitive and free market system and a strong unrestrictive commercial tradition.

Fouad El Haj & Affiliates Law Firm can assist you in setting up your business and incorporating a company in Lebanon.

The choice of the company’s form depends on numerous factors, such as its objectives, number of partners, capital required, taxation, turnovers, its projects and goals, etc..
In Lebanon, there are different business structures the main ones are the following:

1- Limited liability company
2- Joint Stock Company
3- Foreign entreprise
4- Offshore Company
5- Holding Company

Our team will guide you to choose your best option depending of your business activity.

The firm can also assist you in setting up your business abroad and opening a bank account for your business in foreign banks.


The firm provides cost-effective legal services for startups and SMEs tailored to their specific needs.
We understand the challenges of starting up and scaling up a new business, for that cause the firm helps entrepreneurs and business owners start, grow and manage their business, from the determination of the best business entity and governance solutions, drafting of agreements (with suppliers, employees, vendors…), help with fundraising, application for grants and loans, intellectual property protection, tax planning, and personalized legal solutions.

We also help business owners and investors from personal liability.

Our prices are competitive for startups and SMEs as we give them special offers and packages.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Fouad El Haj & affiliates Law Firm has a wide portfolio of corporate clients, and advised most of them on various transactions with an extensive knowledge in corporate law: corporate set-up and restructuring, distribution and licensing, commercial representation and business.
We have considerable experience in advising both our local and international clients on shareholders’ agreements, partnerships and other collaborative structures.
The firm deals with issues arising from commercial and contractual law such as mergers & acquisitions, transfer of shares or assets, and private equity transactions.
We are specialized in drafting and negotiating all types of commercial agreements for international and domestic entities concerning distributorship, licensing, sale and purchase, joint ventures, construction projects, mobile operations, tourism and leisure, insurance, and many others.
We use our clear understanding of business to negotiate on our clients’ behalf and develop close, personal relationships with our clients to have a deeper understanding of their businesses. This allows us to assist small businesses in becoming multinational corporations.

Banking & Finance

The firm has been handling litigation related to bank claims over debt and loan recovery, payment of checks over forged signatures, provision against money laundering activities, liquidation and other bank operation issues, with a highly comprehensive and specialized knowledge of bankruptcy rules and regulations.
We help our clients implement efficient and solid transactions.
We are handling corporate/financial litigations in relation with Fraud and stock market manipulation and several lawsuits in association with the disputes arising between the banks in Lebanon and the depositors especially when it comes down to the repatriation of the funds from the banks to our clients.


Fouad El Haj & Affiliates Law firm offers Tax advice tailored and customized to client’s needs.

The firm assists individuals or business organizations in tax disputes and contest tax decisions.

We provide our clients with legal advice aiming to minimize their tax exposure, with regards particularly to the income and value added tax.


Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute resolution

The firm has a strong and diverse litigation and arbitration practice.

Litigation and dispute resolution are one of the distinctive and founding practice areas of Fouad El Haj & Affiliates Law Firm. We are well known for our expertise in litigation, having handled some of the most prominent cases in Lebanon

Our lawyers provide early stage advice to clients to limit exposure to risk and to avoid disputes.

When disputes arise, we provide our clients with strategic advice and representation. Our litigation attorneys advise clients on complex, multi-jurisdictional matters across a wide spectrum of sectors including intellectual property disputes, investment, financial institutions, transport, technology, international trade, and investment disputes.

We regularly assist clients as litigators, negotiators, mediators and arbitrators, as we assess and evaluate each case in order to choose the most suitable and cost-effective dispute resolution option which range from traditional advocacy to less adversarial approaches. We combine many approaches in order to reach favorable settlements.

Our litigation attorneys represent clients in every degree of court proceedings in all the locations we cover, most notably in civil and commercial law, managing complex, multi-party and multi-jurisdiction cases at trial and on appeal.

The team has produced exceptional results of national and international importance, representing clients as plaintiffs or as defendants in all criminal or civil charges, including many high-profile cases involving major investors and high profile clients.

In addition to our longstanding local reputation, the firm also advises on cross-border and international litigation in other jurisdictions such as USA, Europe, and GCC. When necessary, we recommend local counsel and coordinate strategies, to ensure legal services are provided to the clients’ full satisfaction.

Labor & Employment Law

Whether employee or employer the firm can provide you with the required assistance that you need to protect your interests, prevent future conflicts and if necessary resolve disputes that arise from labor and employment arrangements. 

We offer the most cost and time effective services in employment law including negotiating collective settlements between large corporations, the regulatory authorities and social security funds, syndicates and employees. We inform either the employee or the employers of their legal rights and responsibilities and the appropriate actions to take in case of violation.

We have successfully represented our clients in labor law-related litigation in Labor courts.

Moreover, we oversee the drafting of employment agreements and the implementation of suitable employment policies and procedures.

We can also help companies with obtaining working visas and residence permits for their foreign workers and with the procedures to pursue at the labor ministry and other authorities for breach of employment contracts, termination and all other employment related matters.


Intellectual property Law & Trademarks

There are many types of intellectual property. The most well-known types are copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.
The firm helps its clients secure and protect their intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, designs, trade name and copyright against possible infringement.

Real Estate & Project Development

After handling several substantial cases related to Real Estate & Construction, we were able to acquire a valuable experience in this domain.
We provide our clients with expert legal advice concerning real estate and construction transactions as well as consultancy regarding agreements that manage their projects.
We assist clients in all construction or real estate matters related to the purchase, sale and development of real estate projects or properties, leasing residential or commercial real estate, managing properties and handling all legal issues between owners and tenants.

The firm assists developers in development projects related to residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. We are specialized in drafting and negotiating placement memorandum, sales, development, rental, lease, operation, management and other agreements for major real estate projects.

Fouad El Haj & Affiliates’ lawyers are highly qualified in assisting and advising on drafting appropriate agreements in relation to acquisition of lands, property development, joint ventures, project finance, environmental impact assessments, apportionment procedures and agreements, owners’ representative agreements, construction management and FIDIC-compliant construction agreements.

The team also reviews client’s real estate transactions, drafts purchase and sale agreements, settles disputes on property title and between property owners and tenants, and manages inheritance issues.

Administrative & Public Law

The firm has extensive knowledge in this field. We represented many of our clients in front of the Lebanese State Council.

Our team can help citizens, corporations, or other entities with claims against The State, public institutions and local authorities.

We are also very well known in handling direct and indirect ex-propriation lawsuits. We won over 100 of cases across Lebanon related to this legal matter.

In addition, the firm assists its clients in applying for permits and licenses and pursuing governmental approvals.

Oil And Gas​

Fouad El Haj & Affiliates is known for providing quality legal services in the Oil and Gas industry. We offer comprehensive legal advice, on the groundwork and legal follow up to our clients on matters related to Oil and Gas industry in Lebanon and abroad such as regulatory framework and the pre-qualification phase ahead of the bidding process along with the subsequent steps to allow to its clients to benefit from a fruitful business through our offices.
We provide our clients with the services required in the Gas and Oil Industry such as negotiating and drafting agreements related to petroleum and gas exploitation and issuing the necessary licenses for that, joint venture agreements, due diligence and due diligence.
We also assist new bidders wishing to enter into the oil and gas exploitation market.

Criminal Law

The firm provides a full range of services in criminal law regarding all types of crimes cases which vary from business crimes to the crimes on the individual, starting from the arrest or claim up to trial.

Family Law

The firm is experienced in handling a wide range of family law cases. We handle all family and domestic relations, including marriage divorce, custody and inheritance.

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